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Karen I. Conger, Ph.D. - Owner Consultant of QDA Sense LLC, provides qualitative data analysis and consultation services for doctoral level students in all disciplines; university and community college faculty; and research and administration professionals at all levels of experience and industry backgrounds.

Dedicated to helping qualitative researchers organize and make sense of their data through the qualitative coding process, Dr. Conger is celebrating over 25 years as a qualitative research consultant and analyst, NVivo qualitative software specialist, and owner/consultant of two research businesses. She values excellence and efficiency while meeting client deadlines and saving them time. Dr. Conger is mindful of special concerns with doctoral level students and helps them move forward from the ABD (all but dissertation) stage. Many doctoral students are able to move forward and save extra tuition costs through preplanning and flexible scheduling.


Qualitative research teaching experience includes Dr. Conger having served several years as part-time remote faculty and dissertation committee member in various qualitative methodologies in the Ph.D. Education Program at The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden University, Minneapolis, MN.

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Qualitative Expertise and Support

Basic and advanced qualitative and mixed method methodologies.

Qualitative Coding & Consultation
Qualitative Data Analysis
Interpretative Support
NVivo Software Specialist

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