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Karen I. Conger, Ph.D.

Owner Consultant

QDA Sense llc



Qualitative Data Analysis  

Coding & Data Analysis

Interpretative Support

NVivo Software Specialist​


Qualitative Research Consultant and NVivo Software Specialist

Welcome qualitative researchers! I can help you! Most qualitative researchers benefit from an objective eye that sees data with a fresh look. It is easy to get too close to the data and stepping back and getting another view is essential to getting the most from that data! 


I have 26 years experience as owner/qualitative data analysis consultant and my expertise and support has been and is solely focused on advanced level researchers, e.g., research directors, graduate students, and higher education faculty. ​My expertise is effectively and efficiently organizing and making sense of advanced level qualitative data for academic and research professionals at all levels of experience and industry backgrounds. 

I know, honor, and maintain the boundaries required for ethical and scholarly work while meeting precious deadlines. It often saves graduate students from additional tuition by graduating earlier than anticipated and it certainly saves time for all researchers. Many of my clients have generously expressed their appreciation of my services as a "dedication to excellence" and "efficiency while meeting deadlines" and "saving time and money" and I am appreciative of their referrals. Professors and graduate committee chairs and members often refer their students to me for help in completing dissertation studies because they trust me to honor those ethical boundaries I spoke of earlier and they believe my support is beneficial to their students. 


Graduate level students often need help to move forward from the ABD (all but dissertation) stage. For those students who are feeling underwhelmed or fed up with the whole process, my support helps motivate and regenerate enthusiasm to finish that degree. For those students who are overwhelmed with lack of time, too many demands, and confusing and fuzzy processes, my support provides clarification and context to successfully complete the final stages required for graduation. 

My teaching experience at the doctoral level includes having served several years as part-time remote faculty and dissertation committee member in various qualitative methodologies in the Ph.D. Education Program at The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden University, Minneapolis, MN. I know of what I speak and I know how to focus on what is essential!

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Karen I. Conger, Ph.D.

Owner Consultant of QDA Sense llc

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