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Qualitative Interviews:

​Formatting: Individual Word Documents (.docx), Times New Roman, 12 point, Single Line Spacing.

Time details are not always consistent so average word counts will apply. Pricing will be confirmed before project startup.

Up to ten (10) interviews, average minutes per set

$3000.00     1-30 minutes, minimum

$3500.00     31-45 minutes

$4000.00     46-60 minutes 

$4500.00     61-75 minutes

$5000.00     76-90 minutes

$5500.00     91-120 minutes 

More than 10 interviews?  Pricing per interview is reduced - contact me for firm quote.

Demographic information for each participant is included for 20 or fewer demographic questions

Payable: 2/3 at Project Start-up; 1/3 when final reports are ready to send.


Turnaround Time: 7 to 14 day turnaround time from project start-up for most projects, with advanced scheduling.


​​​​​Transcription Services Available - $2.50 per audio minute. Payable at time of transcription.


Please Contact Me for a Firm Quote: or use the form below:

1. Description of study or project.

2. Data type: Individual Interviews, Focus Group Interviews, Surveys

3. Number of Interviewees

4. Length of files in minutes, pages, and/or number of words.

5. Will you need transcription services?

6. When data files will be ready to send for transcribing and/or coding.

7. Deadline(s)

I will follow up shortly with a firm quote.

Email Karen I. Conger, PhD, QDA Sense LLC - or fill in the form below and "submit". 

(PayPal and/or Major Credit Cards accepted US, US Territories, and US Virgin Islands.)

Request Quote for Qualitative Services

Thanks for submitting.You will hear from me shortly!

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